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Championship Leadership

Feb 7, 2022

Do you want to buy or sell a business but have no idea how and what it takes to buy or sell one?

In this series of Championship Leadership, we had the pleasure to talk to Andy Cagnetta, a Recognized Speaker and Trainer in the subject of business sales, commercial real estate, valuation and negotiations, and CEO of Transworld Commercial Real Estate Florida.

He started out selling guitars and then scale up to either starting a small business or buying ones. After moving to Florida with his family, Andy decided to join Transworld Team and worked there before buying the company. Years after operating the business and with more than 200 offices worldwide, Andy is now set to help more buyers and sellers through his book Closing the Deal.

Andy Cagnetta will get us a preview of his book boiling down to all the things of what it takes to sell a business - how the market works, what the realistic expectations, evaluation, and processes.

These and more!!!! Tune in to this episode!!