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Championship Leadership

Aug 7, 2023

In this episode of Championship Leadership we have a fascinating talk with Dale Krueger, President of Tangible Assets LLC, a guide to the acquisition of rare, historical commemorative medals and other rare collectibles. Dale will share how he stumbled into the world of investment and securities, hired by Merrill Lynch and worked there for three decades. He will also talk about his fascination with coin collecting and the history behind it. He started his interest in collecting artifacts as young as ten years old and his passion eventually turned into a way of diversifying one’s investment.  

Dale Krueger will also talk about the background story of how he was involved with Kevin Harrington and teaming up with BOOM AMERICA - an unscripted documentary that showcases four select companies who will each undergo a business acceleration process.

Years after establishing his organization, Dale’s curiosity and involvement in coin collecting has grown bigger. His love of sharing people's information and knowledge of history, art, politics and precious medals made him a specialist on his own merit.

Learn more about Dale Krueger and more interesting stories of historic medals by Karl Goetz in this episode!!