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Championship Leadership

May 30, 2022

In this episode of Championship Leadership we are honored to interview Mike Agugliaro, Author, dynamic Speaker and Co-founder of CEO Warrior and FuDog Group LLC. Mike is an electrician by profession and started out building an electrical service company together with his business partner Rob Zadotti. Years after founding the business that comes with struggles, they almost decided to shut it down but realized it was a misjudgment on their part and saw it as an opportunity to invest in themselves and seek the help of experts. During the following years, the service company grew into an 8-figure business, and by 2017 sold it to another company and shifted to a coaching and training organization for the home service industry, thus the creation of CEO Warrior.

Now, Mike together with his wife Jennifer with the creation of FuDog Group is embarking on a new journey of creating a greater legacy by transforming humanity and helping people discover their potential and create impactful lives. These and more!