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Championship Leadership

Sep 21, 2022

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we had the privilege to interview Randall Crowder, former Captain in US Army, Venture Capitalist and  Chief Operating Officer of Phunware (NASDAQ: PHUN), a technology company in Austin, TX providing brands with a fully integrated cloud platform for mobile, including a blockchain-enabled data exchange and mobile loyalty ecosystem powered by PhunCoin. Growing up in a family of military men, Randall never considered going through and becoming a part of the US Army but fate has a different plan for him. After serving for six years in the military and holding a high position as a Captain, he decided to take his MBA and pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

For the years to follow, Randall was able to translate his skills into the private sector and managed different successful investments as a venture capitalist. Today more than ever, Randall’s passion to be a part of every venture innovation just becomes stronger. You want to know more about Randall’s journey?

Tune in to this episode!!