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Championship Leadership

Aug 29, 2022

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we interviewed Dan Russell, a Founder of marketing think tank Vivid Labs and Author of Snake Oil,- a modern-day handbook for business leaders trying to handle the chaos of modern marketing. He will share his journey as a young Finance Graduate that started his marketing agency at age 23 and continue to navigate digital marketing through scientific research to generate profit.

With his years of experience in the marketing world, Dan Russell wants to share his knowledge and democratize access to high-quality marketing information for business owners, thus the creation of his masterpiece book Snake Oil. With so many variables to consider in marketing, the book is a great help to entrepreneurs who want to understand why the marketing industry is the way it is and teach us how to navigate the minefield and come out to become better marketer.

Do you want to know how to penetrate the marketing ecosystem?

Tune in to this episode!